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  • Origin: Blend - Colombia, Sumatra, Brazil
  • Region: Huila, Lintong, Minas Gerais
  • Tasting Notes: chocolate, syrup, toffee
  • Roast Level: medium-dark
  • Cultivar: Bourbon, Jember, Ateng, Garundang, Caturra
  • Elevation: 1300 - 2050 metres
  • Producer: Small Lot Producers
  • Process: washed, sun-dried, wet-hulled, natural

This award-winning espresso is comprised of coffees that are directly imported from Tug 6’s growing partners in Alto Mogiana, Brazil; Lintong, Sumatra and Huila, Colombia. Each component is carefully processed and selected for its ability to produce a flavour profile that is sweet, well balanced and has an excellent mouthfeel. Predominate flavours of chocolate and toffee are present and accentuated in milk.

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Not Dark at all... a more fruit forward lighter roast

I prefer darker roasts and this bean is much lighter than the Cafe D'Arte Firenze for example. I would call it something between a Light and Medium Roast. If you like a lighter more fruity bean, this might work for you, but the citrus and lack of deeper chocolate notes doesn't do it for me. I appreciate that many others look for these lighter beans but I am a Philistine and prefer a more traditional Italian Style flavour in the cup.

Tug 6 Coffee Roasters - Beach Cruiser Espresso (454g)

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