• Origin: Rwanda, Ethiopia, Brazil, El Salvador
  • Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, grapefruit, molasses, lemon
  • Roast Level: Medium
  • Cultivar: Bourbon, Ethiopian Heirloom, Catuai, Mundo Novo, Pacas
  • Elevation: 900 - 2000 MASL
  • Producer: Smallholders, Buf Cafe
  • Process: Washed, Pulped Natural

Buf Cafe, located in Rwanda, is a collection of private washing stations owned wholly by the Muhirwa family and started operating in 2000. The washing stations are in the mountains near the village of Karaba and process cherries from two distinct farms in the area, Cobabakagi (1300 members) and Terimbere Kawa Yacu (between 400-600 members).

The Catuai and Mundo Novo varieties in our Navigator blend are sourced from Smallholders in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The coffee is shaded most of the day, causing it to mature slowly, allowing a bright acidity and beautiful honey-like sweetness to develop.

Discover Sacred Acre Coffee

Sacred Acre Coffee - Navigator Espresso (340g)

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