• Origin: Ethiopia (Single-Origin)
  • Region: Gedeo Zone, Gedeb District, Lalesa Kebele
  • Tasting Notes: Peach, grapefruit, black tea
  • Roast Level: Light
  • Harvest: November/December, 2021
  • Storage: Green coffee frozen to preserve freshness
  • Process: Washed by fermentation

Phil & Sebastion Coffee has been tracking the quality coming out of Lalesa for a few seasons now, and it's been really impressive, but this season it is really elevated. They haven't yet visited the site directly, but have spent quite a bit of time in the Gedeb district over the past decade. Phil & Sebastion Coffee is excited to bring you this floral and juicy coffee this season!

The Full Story from Phil

The site is owned and run by Alemayehu Tilahun who has a vertical integration agreement with SNAP trading. Alemayehu grew up in the of Gedeo zone, which gives him a distinct advantage of knowledge of the area, and of course the Gedeo language!

With a background as a computer trading company, Snap is quite new to coffee. It's impressive to see that in only few short years, they've ascended to contend for a top spot amongst the quality specialty exporters in Ethiopia. I believe that the explanation for this rapid development lies in the union of excellent capitalization and the expertise of a few passionate coffee people. Credit belongs to entrepreneur Negusse Debela for his willingness to invest in washing stations and a dry mill, right off the cuff, with the belief that if you build it, they will come. On the coffee quality side, much credit belongs to Abenezer Asfaw, the supply chain manager for Snap. Abenezer is only a young man (compared to me ;-), but that's really his advantage as he's full of passionate zeal and boundless energy. He has a keen understanding of quality and the factors affecting it, and undoubtedly, he'll be leaving a major mark on the Ethiopia Specialty Coffee sector in the years to come.

I'm sad to have missed two years of visiting Ethiopia in 2021 and 2022 (so far) but I'm also very grateful for the relationships I've formed over the last decade of visits every season, which I've been able to lean on to ensure we continue to have access to great coffee in Ethiopia. I had to miss my visit last year not due to the pandemic, but due to a full out war which has been waging in the northern region of Tigray since November 2020. Tigray is a region that borders the northern country of Eritrea. The brutal war caused a full-on humanitarian crisis in the area. It's heart-wrenching to learn about the acts of brutal violence which have occurred in a country I love dearly. Thankfully, in March/April 2022, the Ethiopian government declared an indefinite humanitarian truce. This is clear progress but reconciliation between the government and Tigray leaders will be a long road ahead.

So, as I enjoy this coffee and am very grateful for the efforts and care of the Ethiopian hands involved, I'll reflect on these challenges facing Ethiopia and my hope for their peaceful future.

As always, this green was frozen immediately upon arrival.

- Phil

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