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  • Origin: Guatemala (single-origin)
  • Region: Antigua Valley
  • Tasting Notes: floral, mandarin, peach, green tea
  • Roast Level: light
  • Cultivar: geisha
  • Elevation: 1750-1850 metres
  • Producer: Ricardo Zelaya 
  • Process: washed

At the top of the Santa Clara Farm at 1,750-1,850m, there are around 3 hectares of Geisha variety coffee trees.

The Geisha at Santa Clara comes from Malawi Geisha seeds that Ricardo planted 12 years ago. Out of 500 seeds originally planted only 15 survived, these 15 Geisha trees grew and helped Ricardo plant more coffee to grow into the 3 hectares they have now.

This single-origin craft-roasted coffee is harvested and then de-pulped before being fermented for 14-22 hours. After fermentation, the coffee is washed to remove any mucilage and then is dried in the greenhouse.

As this Geisha coffee originates from Malawi, it is quite different from other Geisha coffees you may have seen and tried in the past. The beans are fairly small and round and have a unique mandarin & citrus sweetness to them.

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Pallet Coffee Roasters Drip - Santa Clara Geisha by Ricardo Zelaya (200g)

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