• Origin: Blend:60% Swiss Water Decaffeinated, Ethiopia Sidamo, Natural and 40% Ethiopia Guji, Kayon Mountain Farm, Natural
  • Region: Sidamo Province, Guji Administrative Zone
  • Tasting Notes: Berries, Turkish delight, green apple and chocolate
  • Roast Level: Medium
  • Elevation: 1750-1850 metres
  • Producer: Ricardo Zelaya
  • Process: Natural

It’s 3pm. You’ve already hit your coffee quota for the day but you are suddenly in need of that extra little kick, a little energy re-up to get you through the rest of the day. But one more coffee would usually keep you up all hours of the night... so what can you turn to? After Hours!

Say hello to the new low caffeine blend from Pallet Coffee Roasters, After Hours. 60% of this blend is a Swiss Water Decaffeinated, natural processed Ethiopian Sidamo and the other 40% is a natural processed Ethiopian Guji. These coffees create a sweet, juicy and delicious profile with a lower hit of caffeine. The perfect way to get through the afternoon slump without going over your caffeine threshold.

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Pallet Coffee Roasters - After Hours - Low Caffeine - Medium Roast (340g)

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