Are you looking for a consistent grind to lock in the flavour of your personal coffee formula? Look no further than the Macap Leo 55 Essential Coffee Grinder. This practical and silent appliance is designed with a low-retention dosing chamber so end up with your grinds in your brew and not your machine! The Macap Leo 55 provides infinite grinding settings to get the exact consistency you need for any coffee recipe. Durable 55 mm flat burrs driven by a 310W motor will elevate your coffee game. Create flawless pour-overs, espresso extraction, cold brews, and more. Prepare for perfection; The Macap Leo 55 Essential Coffee Grinder will take your recipes up a notch.


  • Stepless adjustment system
  • Double-face adjustment disk
  • Silent System technology
  • New interface
  • Activation button
  • 55 mm flat burrs
  • 300 g hopper capacity
  • Height adjustable fork
  • 310 W motor

This product is only available for shipping within Canada.

Macap Leo 55 Essential Coffee Grinder Outline

What's Included:

User ManualOne Year WarrantyFree Shipping
Macap Anodized Black Leo 55 Essential Coffee Grinder

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