• Origin: Colombia (Single-Origin)
  • Region: Consaca, Narino
  • Tasting Notes: Raspberry, maple syrup, almonds
  • Roast Level: Medium-Light
  • Cultivar: Colombia
  • Elevation: 1900 MASL
  • Producer: Alexis Jojoa
  • Process: Washed Anaerobic

Finca La María is owned by Alexis Jojoa, a second-generation coffee grower residing in Consaca, Nariño. When Alexis was 14, he started helping his grandmother tend the farm. He learned the skills to produce high quality coffee quickly and grew to become very passionate about the crop. He now owns and runs his grandmother's farm together with his wife and son. The farm has around 20 hectares of land, 15 of which are solely dedicated to growing coffee varieties like Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, and Catimor. The remaining 5 hectares are planted with plantain, lemon, and avocado trees. Thanks to the farm's proximity to the Galeras volcano, the rich soil and nearby rivers provides very favourable conditions for producing high quality specialty coffee. The Consaca municipality also has a very sunny climate, which benefits both the coffee plants and other crops on the farm. This favourable microclimate along with Alexis' hard work to process the coffee makes this lot very sweet, juicy, and full of flavour.

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House of Funk Coffee - This Is The Sweet Stuff, Medium-Light Roast (250g)

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