• Origin: Colombia (Single-Origin)
  • Region: Narino, Los de Buey
  • Tasting Notes: Orange marmalade, milky tea with honey
  • Roast Level: Medium light
  • Cultivar: Caturra
  • Elevation: 1850 - 2200 MASL
  • Process: Washed and Sun Dried for 16 Days

There is always two sides to a story. Sometimes you want coffee that is bold, wild and a bit crazy. Other times you want something that is soft, balanced and whispers delicate stories in your ear. This sweet little Colombian is on the soft side. Starting out with a milky mouthfeel with hints of orange marmalade. As it cools you get flavours like pear and almond.

If you like to compare coffees. Think of "Valley Clouds" & "I Wish I Was The Moon" as companion coffees. Both Colombian. Both Washed. Almost identical roast profiles. Two different growing regions. Two very different coffees.

Discover House of Funk

House of Funk Coffee - I Wish I Was the Moon, Medium-Light Roast (250g)

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