• Origin: Peru (Blend)
  • Region: Amazonas, Cajamarca
  • Tasting Notes: Classic Flavour profile with complexity and sweetness
  • Roast Level: Medium

A reflection of how coffee has always been, this is a classic flavour profile that will work with any brew method. Harken wanted a coffee that would remind you of the brews you grew up with, done well, while still being ethically sourced. It's a coffee anyone can enjoy drinking each and every day.

While it is a bit more of a developed roast, it isn't a dark roast, so it won't have the smoky, dark molasses profile of that style of coffee, but it will be more robust and intense in flavour with less brightness, but still a pleasant sweetness.

It works brilliantly on a drip machine or espresso, but also has enough complexity and sweetness to be used as a filter coffee.

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Harken Coffee - Every Day Blend (300g)

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