ORIGIN: Blend - Kenya, Guatamala, Colombia
TASTING NOTES: caramel, orange, chocolate, nougat

While it's become common belief in specialty coffee here in North America that single-origin coffees are where it's at, the rest of the world has never stopped working with blends. Renowned and award-winning roasters all over the world take a similar stance on blends that Harken does: that they can be, much like a cocktail, a way to combine unique flavours, create complexity and balance. The Autumn Seasonal Selection was inspired by typical espresso blends you would see in Melbourne: soft and complex, but full-bodied with lots of juicy mouthfeels. reminiscent of caramel, oranges, chocolate and nougat. It blends well with milk (especially oat milk) but is also lovely straight-up, and performs really well as a drip or filter coffee. A really versatile blend of Kenyan, Guatemalan and Colombian coffees.

Find them in Vancouver, BC.

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Harken Coffee - Autumn Medium (200g)

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