ORIGIN: Kenya, Guatamala, Colombia
TASTING NOTES: caramel, orange, chocolate, nougat

While it's become common belief in specialty coffee here in North America that single origin coffees are where it's at, the rest of the world has never stopped working with blends. Renowned and award-winning roasters all over the world take a similar stance on blends that Harken does: that they can be, much like a cocktail, a way to combine unique flavours, create complexity and balance. The Autumn Seasonal Selection was inspired by typical espresso blends you would see in Melbourne: soft and complex, but full bodied with lots of juicy mouthfeel. reminiscent of caramel, oranges, chocolate and nougat. It blends well with milk (especially oat milk) but is also lovely straight-up, and performs really well as a drip or filter coffee. A really versatile blend of Kenyan, Guatemalan and Colombian coffees.

Find them in Vancouver, BC.

Discover Harken Coffee

Harken Coffee - Autumn Medium (200g)

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