• Origin: Mexico (single-origin)
  • Region: Finca Huehuetepan
  • Tasting Notes: Almond, stonefruit, brown sugar
  • Roast Level: Medium light
  • Cultivar: Typica
  • Elevation: 1380 MASL
  • Producer: Carlos Cadena
  • Process: Washed

Located in the state of Veracruz, in the municipality of Cosautlán de Carvajal with an average altitude of 1350 and optimal climactic conditions for specialty coffee. Finca Huehuetepan is approximately 19 hectares of production area, operated by Carlos Cadena.

Throughout the farm there is a water re-capture system that's used to re-distribute water to the coffee plants. With a wet mill integrated onto the property, Carlos is focusing on producing specialty coffees, with new developments of fermentation practices over the last few years. Washed coffees are done at the wet mill, whereas naturals are taken to a specific spot which he has found ideal for processing and drying, to ensure clean, sweet and uniform flavour profile.

There's a focus on the sustainability of the land, with a large commitment to reusing as much of the byproduct of coffee as possible, with cherry pulp going back into compost and other beneficial plants scattered throughout the coffee plants. Here they grow Typica, Garnica, Mundo Novo, and Yellow Caturra, which have been growing on this farm for three generations. Though it's not certified organic, this coffee has never seen commercial composts / fertilizers.

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Ghost Roaster Coffee - Mexico Carlos Cadena Washed Typica - Medium Light Roast (340g)

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