Introducing the Eureka Olympus KR E Espresso Grinder, in black, offering ultra high volume conical burr set! An on-demand top-quality, fast machine with an 840-watt motor, this machine is complete with conical 68mm hardened steel burrs and is able to supply a portion of ground coffee in less than 5 seconds. Operational ease with the simplistic keypad the amount of ground coffee can be easily adjusted, by time variance.

As a grinder that knows how to combine style and functionality, the KR is designed with an aluminum frame, high-speed grind dispersion, and stepless micro-metric grind adjustment are just some of the well-designed features that enhance a perfect espresso-making experience!

Features Include

  • "High speed" conical burr grind dispersion
  • Stepless micro-metric regulation system
  • ACE System
  • "High speed" maintenance
  • All-purpose adjustable "hands-free" fork
  • Blow up system
  • Low 330rpm epicycloidal reductor
  • "Barista Special" electronics
  • Die-cast aluminum body
  • 1600g hopper

This product can only be shipped in Canada.

 Eureka Olypus KR E Coffee Grinder

What's Included:

User ManualOne Year WarrantyFree Shipping
Eureka Olympus KR E Espresso Grinder

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