• Origin: Guatemala (Single-Origin)
  • Region: Alma
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet & chocolatey
  • Roast Level: Medium
  • Producer: Via Onyx Coffee

Sourced by Onyx Coffee from relationships they've built over 20 years as coffee farmers and exporters. Sweet and chocolatey. Direct Trade.

Elysian espresso is always roasted for maximum sweetness and is ideal for a base in all creamy milk drinks from flat whites to lattes. While we never blend our espresso, the coffees we purchase for espresso are always consistent with this goal in mind. You can also brew our espresso as a filter coffee if you're looking for a really approachable experience. Our espresso is a coffee multi-tool without equal. Well, at least we think so!

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Elysian Coffee Roasters - Guatemala, Alma Espresso - Medium Light Roast (340 g)

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