• Origin: Peru (Single-Origin)
  • Region: Callayuc, Cajamarca
  • Tasting Notes: Cherry blossom, nectarine, dulce de leche
  • Roast Level: Medium-light
  • Elevation: 1900 MASL
  • Cultivar: Bourbon and Caturra
  • Producer: Susy Alarcón Martinez
  • Farm: Keromarca
  • Process: Fully washed & sun-dried

Susy Alarcón Martinez is a young coffee producer, wife, and mother of 1. Along with her husband, Wilfredo, she maintains 2 hectares of coffee in the Keromarca town, part of the Callayuc community in central Cajamarca province. Susy and her husband produce about 50 bags of coffee annually, and as self-proclaimed lovers of coffee, they are determined to use what they see as a lifelong pursuit to become some of the best cultivators in their province—a high bar considering Cajamarca has perhaps the best reputation for quality coffee in the county.

In Peru the bulk of coffee production comes from small farms owned and managed by people who follow organic farm management practices attuned to their cultural connection with the land. Keromarca, a high elevation community in Peru’s northern Andes, has a long history of indigenous grain and tuber farming. For the past decade, the area has dedicated itself to coffee production, something that is well-suited for the altitude and microclimates throughout.

Susy and Wilfredo carefully harvest and sort cherries before de-pulping, fermenting, washing, and drying the coffee using their own micro-mill. Even when producers process their own coffee, their work doesn’t end at the farm gate. They also need strong connections to exporters around the world, and ideally to the roaster-consumers near the end of the chain in order to bring their coffee to the international market, stay current, and earn fair prices. Susy and Wilfredo are members of Aromas del Valle, an organization established in 2015 to assist small producers with access to the specialty coffee market. Aromas del Valle also carries out a number of activities that often go unnoticed but are crucial for small producers, such as investments for basic infrastructure needs like road improvements, establishing local warehouses, quality analysis, centralized financing, and of course marketing and preparing coffee for export. Aromas del Valle represents 246 farming families, who combined cultivate 588 hectares of coffee in Peru.

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