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  • Origin: El Salvador (single-origin)
  • Region: Ataco
  • Tasting Notes: raw cane sugar, molasses, chocolate, butter, notes of strawberry
  • Roast Level: medium
  • Elevation: 1450 metres
  • Producer: Julio Valdivieso
  • Process: black honey

A single origin, single region, single estate, single variety coffee produced using the black honey process, in which part of the cherry remains on the bean. The 'honey' refers to the mucilage. The coffee spends around 15 days on the drying bed and receives daily attention. This is the most laborious and expensive of the honey processes, but the results are 100% worth it! The farms of Julio Valdivieso celebrate a coffee history that transcends more than four generations, back to the founding fathers of the El Salvadorian Republic. Julio’s coffee blends this rich history of coffee and politics with innovative agricultural and processing techniques.

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Alternate Route Coffee Co. - El Salvador Caturra Black Honey (454g)

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