Mischief Coffee
Photo credit: @vancityeats

Mischief Coffee is a tiny coffee roasting company based in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada. 

Three years ago, Josh tasted an incredible cup of coffee that changed the way he thought about coffee. After spending a year tasting every single cup of coffee he could get his hands on, he started roasting coffee in his kitchen. First he was roasting with a popcorn popper, then a small toaster oven with a rotisserie, and finally he decided to commit to a small production roaster.

Josh’s first goal was to roast a decent cup of coffee. Then the next milestone was to gather enough supporters to allow him to source coffees that were delicious and unique. Now with a small local following, Josh has been focusing on growing his base of support so that, one day, he can grow Mischief into a large enough company to become his day job. Until that time, he is committed to keep roasting coffee with a tireless focus on making each batch taste as good as possible.

Find him in Squamish, BC.
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