Harken Coffee

Harken Coffee was born when founder Eldric was given the opportunity to take over the current space while he was still operating Aubade Coffee, an award-winning coffee bar in Vancouver, BC. The goal was to take inspiration from coffee shops outside North America, namely Australia, Japan and Scandinavia and create a space that roasted beautiful ethically sourced coffee that was bright and clean and full of flavour, serve it alongside a refined and approachable plant-based menu while also creating that sense of coffee as an "experience" that was missing in coffee shops here. Every one of Harken's batches is quality tested before it's sent out, and the team works with several importing companies to find truly unique and lovely coffee offerings from small-scale, passionate producers. They are all about transparency, community building, and deliberately, thoughtful elegance in everything they do. 

Find them in Vancouver, BC.
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