EspressotecThe founder of Espressotec, Vancouver's home to all things coffee and the Roaster Central tasting bar, has long had a taste for Italian-style espresso — dark and deep in flavour while sweet on the palate, with rich, dense crema. So much so that he created his own signature blend and named it 9 Bar after that sweet spot on the espresso machine pressure gauge. The subsequent beans have been Espressotec's house espresso offering ever since, savored and sought after by customers across Canada.

Established in 1997, Espressotec is Canada’s top choice for home and commercial espresso machines, grinders, accessories, repairs, and service. Since moving to its 10 000-square-foot location on Clark Drive, the company has also been expanding its coffee and commercial services, including maintenance, training and whole bean programs. In September 2017, another dream came true with the launch of the Roaster Central tasting bar, the first of its kind in Vancouver. Visit the tasting bar and brew up flights of the many coffees on offer, or find even wider selection here at Roaster Central online!

Find them at 1015 Clark Drive, Vancouver, BC.
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