Detour Coffee Roasters

Detour Coffee Roasters started back in 2009 in Dundas, Ontario, Canada (just outside Hamilton) and was built around the concept that coffee could be more than just a mindless morning fuel. Founder Kaelin McCowan believed strongly in relationships with producers and sourcing the highest quality green coffees from interesting origins, regions and farms around the world. He built the roastery and original cafe around the idea of small-batch, terroir focused coffee that was roasted fresh to order and people quickly fell in love with what was in the cup.  

Nearly a decade later, as the specialty coffee industry has exploded at an unfathomable pace,  Detour has remained steadfast in the belief that curating fine coffees built on relationships with partners at origin and buying ethically and sustainably allows them to be true to their product, customers and industry as a whole.

Find them in Hamilton, Ontario.
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