Alternate Route Coffee Co.

Founded in 2017 by partners Ian & Kellie Wahl, Alternate Route Coffee Co. is built on a foundation of passion, commitment, and partnership: the passion to explore the world of coffee, challenge what we know, and push the boundaries of what the we currently believe is possible, both in coffee and in life; a commitment to create a special product that honours the work of coffee producers and fairly compensates them for their efforts; building partnerships that extend beyond simple transactions, and instead working together to achieve common goals, creating a better life for those around us.

When you choose the Alternate Route, you choose a coffee that has been grown, sourced, and roasted with an attention to detail that few can imagine. Why? Because their team knows it matters. From their humble beginnings in the roastery on wheels, they learned that only through passion and relentless commitment can you truly create something special. This commitment to a truly special product is their promise to you. Whether your path involves mountain peaks or paintbrush streaks, the only route that matters is the route that matters to you. 

Find them in Leduc, Alberta.

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