ORIGIN: Blend - Colombia, Brazil
TASTING NOTES: dark chocolate, molasses, toasted nut
ROAST LEVEL: medium-dark

Robust and confident, this rich, chocolaty coffee is roasted a touch hotter and a little bit longer than its peers. The focus is all on the flavours developed through this caramelization process. Its molasses and spice notes - deep and complex but without heavy charcoal notes - culminate in an approachable and balanced cup with syrupy sweetness and a rich body that pairs well with dairy. Detour Dark will always be full of the very best quality single-origin beans that rotate seasonally from direct coffee-growing partners across the globe.  

An extremely versatile coffee that's great for any brewing method, Detour Dark is the perfect coffee to take camping, cottaging or yurting (should that be your thing).  

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Detour Coffee Roasters – Dark (300g)

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